A Comparative Effect of Using Fishbowl and Carousel Brainstorming Strategies on EFL Learners’ Foreign Language Speaking Ability and Anxiety

Masoumeh Ahmadifar, Nasim Shangarffam, Hamid Marashi


This study was an attempt to investigate the effect of two types of cooperative learning modalities, namely Fishbowl and Carousel Brainstorming strategies on EFL learners’ foreign language speaking ability and anxiety. To fulfill the purpose of this study, 60 (male and female) EFL learners at Tehran University English School, were selected based on their performance on a sample of piloted PET. They were randomly assigned into two experimental groups, i.e., Fishbowl and the Carousel Brainstorming strategies. The Second Language Speaking Anxiety Scale (SLSAS) and the speaking section of PET were administered as both pretest and posttest to determine the level of the participants’ foreign language speaking anxiety, and speaking ability, respectively. In order to analyze the data, ANCOVA and Independent Samples t-test were used. The results revealed that both null hypotheses were rejected implying that Carousel Brainstorming group outperformed Fishbowl group on speaking ability, and reduction of speaking anxiety.


Fishbowl Strategies, Carousel Brainstorming Strategies, Speaking Ability, Speaking Anxiety, EFL Learners

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