Authentic Assessment Strategies used to Improve Distance Learning Outcomes

Abeer Al-Ghazo


This paper tried to investigate the degree of using online authentic assessment strategies by lecturers at universities to improve distance-learning outcomes. The participants consisted of (35) lecturers, who teach at universities, were chosen randomly. To achieve the purpose of this paper, a questionnaire was developed consisting of 24 items. For data analysis, the researcher used the suitable statistical analysis, Means, percentages, standard deviations, and degrees, a t-test and the Two-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The results revealed that the degree of using authentic assessment either formative or summative strategies by university’ lecturers to improve online-learning outcomes was moderate with a mean (2.74). Moreover, the findings revealed that that there were statistically significant differences in the means and standards deviations of using online- authentic assessment strategies among lecturers attributed to their teaching experiences in favor of those who had more than 9 years’ experience. In addition, the results also showed that there were not any statistically significant differences in using online- authentic assessment strategies among lecturers due to their majors.


Authentic assessment, online –distance learning, summative strategies, formative strategies

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